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You can contact Common Ground at 203.389.4333.
Individual extensions are noted next to names.

Management Team
Teachers & Support Educators
  • Rosana Anoh, French & Financial Literacy, Email
  • Dan Bianchini, Resource/Special Education, Email
  • Rikki Brown, Math, Email
  • Darlitha Busby, Resource/Special Education, Email
  • Jonathan Carney, Physical Education, Email
  • Tim Casey, English, Email
  • Stefan Christensen, Support Educator, Email
  • Karen Climis, Mathematics, Email
  • Emily Ent, Health, Email
  • Sierra Dennehy, Science, Email
  • Jane DiPalma, Special Education, Email
  • Evan Green, Mathematics, Email
  • Nicole Pertelesi, Art, Email
  • Dylan James, Support Educator, Email
  • Jennifer Burke, English, Email
  • Sekou Koivogui, Math  Email
  • Briana McKinnon, Resource/Special Education, Email
  • Melvin Morales, Math, Email
  • Nuria Miller, Spanish, Email
  • Debora Nicasio Feliz, Resource/Special Education, Email
  • Dr. Nnaemeka Amadi, Chemistry & Physics, Email
  • Julie Roneson, English, Email
  • Jeremy Stone, High School Environmental Educator, Email
  • Rachel Sharnick, Social Studies, Email
  • Ericka Toney, Support Educator, Email
  • Samantha Townsend-Lucero, English/Senior Capstone, Email
  • Rebecca Van Tassell, Science, Email
  • Kascia Williams, Social Studies, Email
  • Michael Winkler, Social Studies, Email
High School Front Office & Operations
High School Culture & Student Support
High School Student Pathways
 Development & Communications Team
Business Office
Environmental Education Center
  • Rebecca Holcombe, Director of Community Programs, x1213, Email
  • Robyn Stewart, Schoolyards Program Manager, x1220, Email
  • David Girard, Environmental Educator and Field Trip Coordinator, Email
  • Environmental Educators: Our team of professional environmental educators included both year-round and seasonal staff.
Urban Farm
Site & Maintenance
  • Mark Loalbo, Site and Facilities Manager, Email
  • Malbin Rubiera, Site Facilities Support
  • Faythiya Williams, Chef, x1204, Email
  • Antoine Merrit, Kitchen Assistant
To meet our Board of Directors or to read The Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and more Click Here