How We Farm

//How We Farm
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Our Practices

Loc HarvestThe Common Ground Farm is a small scale diversified farm utilizing humane and ecological practices. Our priority and commitment is to care for our natural systems and honor the community that farms with us. Beyond using Integrated pest management and amendments approved by the National Organic Program we do not certify organic and believe the merits of our farming techniques expand beyond the National Organic Program.
As CT NOFA members, we sign their Farmers Pledge which is committing to “work in harmony with natural forces and leave the little piece of the world over which they have stewardship in better condition than when they found it.”

Our Compost

kid volunteersGood soil health is paramount in good farming and one complex component of good soil health is amending with Compost. We process thousands of pounds raw materials on our site to make A LOT of compost for our garden. Waste from our kitchens and school lunches, weeds and spent plants from the gardens, animal bedding and manure from our animal yards are mixed with leaves to make rich compost. You can find our compost to add to your own garden every spring at our annual Seedling Sale the weekend after Mother’s Day. 

Our Animals

Our farm supports a colorful group of barnyard favorites for you to visit and enjoy. From laying hens and a melodic rooster, to a big manipulative goat and more, our animals are here to broaden our ideas of what a farm animal is. We strive to demonstrate humane and ecological animal husbandry. All our animals free range outside with access to fresh food and water. We raise our animals not only for education but for farm products. They provide us with eggs, meat, and wool. They are a 24-7 operation and we welcome visitors to hold a chicken, pet a goat and smell the pigs at Open Farm Days, held every Saturday, 10am-2pm, April through November.
Our animal population seasonally includes:

  • 80 laying hens + 1 rooster
  • 9 ducks–our drake
  • 25 broiler chickens (seasonal)
  • 6 turkeys (seasonal)
  • 2 sheep (Yarrow, and Lacey)
  • 1 big Alpine Billy Goat (Stewart)
  • 1 elderly farm cat (Hailey)

The farm is home to chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, and sheep.Pig SnoutChickensFeeding Goats 2