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Common Ground adheres to all relevant laws and regulations — and sets high ethical standards for ourselves and our work.

This page includes important policies that guide our work, and that are posted as required by law. Use the links below to reach the relevant policies.

Common Ground High School enters into contracts with service providers to help us better serve students. These providers have access only to student data necessary for the functions they serve and are bound by strict state and federal laws that indicate that Common Ground is always the owner of the data and service providers are barred them from sharing this  data with anyone. The following policies apply to all our contracts:

The following is a list of contracts Common Ground High School has entered into pursuant to the Student Data Protection policy, including the name of the service, a short description and the date that we entered into the contract:

  • Agilix: Learning Management system that contains course instructional materials and gradebooks (July 2018)
  • Powerschool: Student information system (May 2019)
  • IXL: online learning platform that provides differentiated interventions for students (June 2019)
  • Novus: student applicant tracking system for the enrollment lottery (June 2019)