Fall Farm and Garden Institute is Saturday, November 10 at Common Ground

Suzannah Holsenbeck
CT Schoolyards Manager

Fall Farm and Garden Institute is Saturday, November 10!

On Saturday, November 10th, we hope you’ll join us for our 2nd Annual Fall Farm & Garden Institute – part of a series of seasonal Farm & Garden Institutes we started last year in response to community requests.  Come learn from our educators, farmers, and community members!

Enjoy a crisp fall day than immersing yourself in learning about how you can grow vegetables late into the season, digging into the ins and outs of composting with Peels on Wheels’ Domingo Medina, brewing your own spicy fire cider to ward away cold and flu, learning about best practices for Fall Farm & Garden maintenance, creating an herbal tincture with Herbalist & Educator Sarah Hurwitz, or honing your skills for working in the garden with students with our Nature Year Teacher & Bee Keeper Tim Dutcher.

We welcome your children as well and are excited to pilot a “Kids Track” with this Fall Institute. Your children (ages 5-12) can enroll in their own workshops, learning about invasive plant species, cooking popcorn over the campfire, and exploring how bees get ready for the winter. Younger children can accompany their parents for their workshops.

You can choose to attend a half day or a full day and a healthy harvest lunch made from produce from our Farm is included with either option. Check out the registration here for all the options https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CommonGround0#/selectSessions/2534203  and if you are part of a partner school or have a financial need, please contact suzannah.holsenbeck@commongroundct.org for a discount code.

Our Schoolyards Team, Farm Team and Community Partners look forward to seeing you!



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