Winter Adventures at Common Ground

Even as the mercury drops, Common Ground keeps the fun going. Check out these photos from around campus as winter arrives:

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At the high school:
  • Our students marched for justice.
  • Mr. Horbachuk’s physics class braved 5 degree temps to test student-designed egg drop devices.
  • Ms. Champagne’s Nature Literature course took a field trip to Concord, Mass, where they had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Cramer at the Walden Woods Project, visit Thoreau’s cabin with Thoreau himself, and go on a guided tour at the Concord Museum.
  • Mr. Kelahan’s Global Studies class researched the history, economic, and cultural significance of a food item produced at CG. They then presented an argument concerning why (or why not) the food item should be produced here, complete with a tasty dish highlighting the food at our multicultural dinner.

Sound cool? It is. Future CG students: check us out at an upcoming open house on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Thanks to Vladimir Jankovic, Joel Tolman, Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, Kate Cebik, Amy Champagne, Win Vitkowsky, and Brian Kelahan for sharing photos for our collection.


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