Construction update 10/24

Common Ground continues laying the groundwork for construction of the new building.

Work began on Tuesday on a two week project to install a transformer pad in the hillside on the south side of the driveway. One of the chicken houses was moved to accommodate the work and will be returned when the pad is complete.  We will also bury a new propane tank just up the hill from the transformer. Half of the driveway will be obstructed during this project. One lane of the driveway will remain open at all times for deliveries, handicapped access and emergencies.  If you are visiting Common Ground in the next week, please note:

  • Please enter Common Ground’s entrance to the NORTH end of the lot, next to our city bus stop, during this short construction project.

Common Ground dug and completed geothermal wells back in the spring, and earlier this fall completed grading and planting on two stormwater infiltration areas right by Springside Avenue.  More updates to come!


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