Construction Update Tues, Oct 22: Construction Break

It has been a transformative week for Common Ground, we have watched in awe as our site has changed, and are excited for what is to come in the future. Students, staff, and community members have been extremely supportive and understanding as we have had to navigate parking restrictions and changes to the bus stop.

Yesterday the last of the stumps were loaded and taken off site.  Common Ground is now experiencing a 3 week break until the next phase of the pre-construction site preparation resumes.  Phase two of this project, which will entail removing most of the berm and installing new storm water piping and detention systems, will take place starting mid-November and will continue through mid December.  For now parking restrictions are the same, and students should continue to use the designated walk way from and to the bus stop. Please drive with extreme caution in the lot, as the landmarks that usually define the edges of the lot have changed, to avoid hitting rocks or other obstacles. We will the keep the community abreast to all new changes as the second phase of pre-construction begins.

Please call the main office if you have any questions at 203.389.4333. Your safety, and the quality of the learning environment we create for our students and community, are our first priority.



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