Common Ground Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: June 27, 2023

PLEASE NOTE: In order to comply with adjusted CT Open Meeting laws, this Zoom meeting will be recorded and posted on the Common Ground website

New Haven Ecology Project, Inc.

Common Ground



Board of Directors Annual Meeting

June 27, 2023

Present: Bob Parker, Alexis Smith, Beth Klingher, Monica Maccera Filppu, Abigail Roth, Jeff Carter, Jennifer Burke-Adams, Terri Snell, Charles Negaro, Michelle Sepulveda

Staff: Elena Augusewicz

Public: Shelly Hicks 

Bob called the meeting to order at 5:40pm



      • Re-election of board members to new terms
        • Abigail moved to renew the terms for Jeff, Carly and Michelle. Beth Seconded this motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
      • Plan for filling empty seats – there are two potential board members in the pipeline. Bob suggests that we bring them on as a 2-year appointment to fill in the June 2025 class.
  • Appointment of ex officio Board Members for FY23
      • Jeff moved to reappoint the ex officio members: Terri and Jen, Abigail seconded the motion to reappoint Teri and Jen. The move to reappoint was approved. 
  • Election of Officers
      • There is a vacancy in the co-chair seat alongside Alexis. This slot will stay vacant until there is a nominee.
      • Beth moved to approve the current slate of officers with the one vacancy, Abby seconded this motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
  • Recognition of Board Service
      • Bob wanted to recognize Sue Mcdonald and Liz Cox who are not board members but are committee members who donate their time and support committee work.
      • Monica wanted to thank everyone who served and is serving on the board. She said it would be great if Charlie could stay on the Negotiating Committee.  She wanted to thank Charli, Beth and Errol who have dedicated their time and presented some poems she wrote in honor of their service. 
  • Authorization of signatories for financial instruments (5:58pm)   
      • Jeff moved to approve these authorized signatories, Michelle seconded the motion to approve these signatories. The movement was approved unanimously
        • Alexis Smith (new)
        • Betsy Sneath (continuing)
        • Monica Maccera Filppu (continuing)
        • Bev Greene (new)
  • Approval of Board meeting calendar for 2023-2024 (6:00pm) (see below)
    • Jenn moved to approve the calendar for the 23-24 year as listed, Abigail seconded the motion to approve the calendar. The calendar was approved unanimously. 

Proposed 2023-2024  Board Meeting Calendar

  • August 28th
  • September 18th (3rd Monday because of Yom Kippur) 
  • October 30th (5th Monday to allow time for Q1 projections) 
  • November 27th 
  • December 18th (3rd Monday because of the winter holidays)
  • January 29th (5th Monday to allow time for mid year financial projections)
  • February 26th 
  • March 25th 
  • April 22nd 
  • May 20th (3rd Monday because of Memorial Day)
  • June 24th 
  • Annual meeting June 25th 
  • Invoice Requiring Approval 
      • Beth moved to approve the invoice, Jeff seconded the motion to approve this invoice. The invoice was approved unanimously.
      • K& J Tree Service $5,950.00
  • Conflict of Interest and Background check paperwork reminder
      • Betsy and Monica will be sending out reminders to Board members via email. 
  • New Business
    • Meeting in Person: Abigail asked if we could discuss holding meetings in person vs. zoom.  Monica Agreed. Monica suggested having some meetings in person and some on zoom based on the weather/times of year. 
    • Jeff moved to approve that the August, October, March and June in person with the others being held on Zoom.  Abby seconded this motion. The motion was approved unanimously. 

Jeff moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:15pm, Terri seconded that motion. The meeting was adjourned unanimously. 


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