CGHS 2022-23 COVID & Health Update from Nurse Keith

Hello Common Ground Students and Families,

This is Keith Riley, Common Ground’s School Nurse, and I would like to give everyone some updates from the health office.

Health Documents: We are still missing many documents, including medication administration forms and up to date physicals. Students needing Asthma inhalers and Epi-pens need to have an emergency action plan on record, and other daily meds need to have a current medication administration signed by a Doctor. Please reach out to me about forms, medications, allergies, or dietary needs:

COVID-19 Safety in 2022-23: While we are using a variety of mitigation strategies to keep our community safe, they are less restrictive than last year.

  • Vaccinations are still the first and most important line of defense.
  • To maximize in person learning and safety, we will focus on symptom awareness and at home testing. Students and staff with mild respiratory symptoms (infrequent cough, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, etc.), no fever (>100F) and no known COVID-19 case in their household should self test at home. If the test is negative and students and/or staff feel well enough to participate they can attend in person. Anyone with a fever >100F regardless of COVID exposure should remain home until fever has resolved for 24hrs without the use of medication. Test kits will be readily available in the main office and nurse’s office, or families can order free tests from
  • We will be following New Haven Public schools recommendations of mitigation strategies. Guidance and levels of protection will depend on the rate of community transmission, ranked Low, Medium, or High.
  • While masking in school is currently optional, we strongly encourage students and staff who choose to report in person with mild symptoms to wear a well fitting mask. Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 should refer to CDC guidelines for isolation guidance. When in doubt, reach out to me:, or call our main office and they will help us connect: 203.389.4333 x1200.

We are looking forward to a healthy, positive, productive school year!

Keith Riley
School Nurse


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