Common Ground Board Meeting Minutes for The Annual Board Meeting: June 28, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: In order to comply with adjusted CT Open Meeting laws, this Zoom meeting will be recorded and posted on the Common Ground website

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Common Ground

Meeting Recording

Board of Directors Annual Meeting

June 28, 2022

Board members: Bob Parker, Beth Klingher, Monica Maccera Filppu, Joseph Melendez, Chris Hayes, Terri Snell Abigail Roth,  Deloris Vaughn, Alexis Smith, Carly Osborne, Gioia Connell, Charles Negaro


Staff: Elena Augusewicz


Bob called the meeting to order at 5:38 


Bob wanted to thank Babz and Deloris for their board service over the years, especially for Deloris’s work on the strategic plan. Both Babz and Deloris will be leaving the board. 

Election of Board Members

Re-election of board members to new terms:

Terri moved to approve the re-election of Bob Parker and Peter Ludwig to the board for FY 23-25, Beth seconded this motion. The motion to re-elect these board members was approved unanimously.

Plan for filling empty seats

Appointment of ex officio Board Members for FY23:

Bob explained that one student position is vacant as Christopher Alpert has graduated and we are hoping to have students vote in a new student rep for the sept board meeting 

Charles moves to approve the re-election of Terri Snell – Parent Representative,  Joseph Melendez – Teacher Representative and  Christopher Hayes – Student Representative as ex-officio board members for FY23. Abby seconded this motion. The motion to approve these positions was approved unanimously. 

Election of Officers

Joseph moved to approve the election of Officers for 2022-2023: Bob Parker – Co-Chair, Alexis Smith – Co-Chair, Beth Klingher – Treasurer and  Terri Snell – Secretary. Charles seconded the motion to elect these officers, the motion to approve the election of officers was approved unanimously. 

Re-authorization of signatories for financial instruments

Joseph moved to reauthorize the current signatories  (Betsy Sneath, Monica Maccera Filppu, Beth Klingher, and Bob Parker) for the next year. Abby seconded the motion to reauthorize signatories. The motion to reauthorize the current signatories was approved. 

Conflict of Interest and Background check paperwork

Monica, Betsy and Elena will prepare this paperwork and send it out for board signatures via docusign. 

Approval of Board meeting calendar for 2022-2023 (see below)

No vote was taken, the board agreed on the schedule as it stands. 

Proposed 2022-2023  Board Meeting Calendar

  • August 29th (this is the 5th Monday – and it gives us time to meet with staff committees after the official start of the school year for 10-month staff.
  • September 19th (3rd Monday because of Rosh Hashanah) 
  • October 24th  
  • November 28th 
  • December 19th (3rd Monday because of the winter holidays)
  • January 30th (5th Monday to allow time for mid year financial projections)
  • February 27th 
  • March 27th 
  • April 24th 
  • May 22nd 
  • June 26th 
  • Annual meeting June 27th 

Retreat session (Goals for FY23)

Enrou Halfkenny will be the moderator of the retreat session, he has been the CGHS Environmental Leader in Residence for this year and having listening sessions with many community members at Common Ground. The board discussed the pros and cons of a summer vs. early fall session. Bob will let  Enrou know that the board would like to participate in a listening session in early fall. The board would like to then make a plan for a longer goal setting session. 

New Business

Joseph wanted to discuss returning to in-person board meetings. Bob said that some members did appreciate the convenience of zoom meetings. Beth suggested having hybrid meetings where attendees could choose to zoom or come in person. Monica said she got some feedback from student representatives that coming back to campus for 5:30 is difficult. Christopher reiterated that travel is difficult after school and he appreciates the meeting being on zoom. Monica stated that the choice we make, either way will impact attendees. She would like to have a plan in place for fall. Monica suggested that the August meeting be attempted hybrid in a classroom setting. In September we can then try an outdoor meeting, no zoom and see how it affects attendance. Joseph suggested Hilltop 116 where we could potentially open up to the cafeteria if many people show up. 

Adjourn (6:24)

Chris moved to adjourn the Annual Meeting of the Common Ground Board of Directors, Carly seconded the motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned unanimously

The meeting was adjourned at 6:23

Next Meeting: August 28th, HYBRID



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