Nature Notes 5/17/21

Baltimore Orioles are nesting, make leaf and flower prints, and visit our baby goats!


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  1. Regina M. Thomas May 23, 2021 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Love your Nature Notes and now have it added to my Pinterest! My grandson begins in the Fall and I have been perusing all you offer. I especially enjoyed a visit on your phenomenal campus. I have been sharing some of your visuals, i.e., The Oriole Robin building a nest . This photo inspires me to create a collage” borrowing” from it! I have a gut feeling (as nature in my art is my ‘muse’) I will continue to follow your articles throughout the upcoming year!
    I have shared the floral printing and the creation of the Spiral Herb Garden with my students!
    Yours in Nature,
    Regina M. Thomas

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