Common Ground Board of Directors Agenda: Jan. 27, 2020

New Haven Ecology Project
Board Meeting Agenda
January 27, 2020


Public Participation

Business Requiring Approval (5:40)

  • Minutes of the December 16th Board meeting (Secretary)
  • Revised bylaws with changes required by SDE
  • 19-20 Employee Handbook with SDE changes to Anti-nepotism language
  • Invoices Needing Approval

Finance Committee Report (Treasurer) (5:45)

  • Q2 Budget vs. Actuals with Year End Projections
  • Days of Cash on Hand Graphic
  • Report from the Finance Committee
    • Board votes to approve Financial Audits for CGHS And NHEP as recommended by the Finance Committee.

Organizational Update (6:00)

  • Questions about the Program Dashboard
  • Quarterly ED update on goals

Old Business (6:20)

  • Update on charter renewal
  • Update on Special Education funding

New Business (6:25)

  • Peter Ludwig introduction to the board

Executive Session (6:30)

  • Preparing for Board Retreat (Executive Session)
    • Reminder to complete board survey
    • Answer any questions about board retreat logistics
    • Discuss next steps in building culture of fundraising
    • Discuss next steps in “building a great board” work

Adjourn (7:00)

Next Meeting: February 24th 5:30 pm


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