Common Ground Board of Directors Minutes: Nov. 25, 2019

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Nov. 25, 2019


Meeting called to order by Wendy Battles at 5:35


Board Members Present: Bob Parker, Wendy Battles, Charles Negaro, Michael Doolittle, Beth Klingher, Ilene Crawford, Monica Maccera Filppu, Errol Saunders

Staff Present: Elena Augusewicz, Joel Tolman, Kimball Cartwright, Rebecca Holcombe, Liz Cox



Public Participation


There was no public participation. 



Business Requiring Approval


Minutes from the October meeting

Approval of the minutes was moved by Michael and seconded by Bob. Unanimously approved.


Revised English Learner Policy

Liz updated terminology based on recommendations after site visit from the State Board of Education.

Beth moved to approve the Revised English Language Learner Policy. Bob seconded. Unanimously approved. 

Board Resolution to participate in 2019-2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Ilene moved to approve the Board Resolution to participate in the 2019-2020 CDBG. Michael seconded. Unanimously approved. 

III. Finance Committee Report

Presentation of Full Year Budget v. Actuals as of 10/31/2019
Monica added last year’s October Actuals for ease of making year-over-year comparisons. 

Days of Cash on Hand graphic  
Monica presented the graphic as an easy way to monitor the organizational goal of avoiding cash-on-hand falling beneath 30-days. This time of year usually shows cash-on-hand falling because of the cyclical nature of our funding sources but it is clear that we are still well above our goal of maintaining a month’s worth of cash-on-hand for expenses. 


Organizational Update


Questions about the Program Dashboard
Bob would like to bring attention to Board Giving percentage and how we are hoping to increase that percentage of giving to 100%. 

Springpoint Consultant Visit

Springpoint Consultants offered great feedback when they visited for a day and presented us a report. It was very valuable and we will be planning next steps after the Thanksgiving Break. 

Presentation of SY 19-20 School Improvement Plan
Liz presented the school improvement plan process used by Common Ground. The process is not dictated by the state; it is just best practice for us to do this. In order to create the plan, Liz pulls data from preceding school years, organizes it, then offers the data to stakeholders to determine what should be the priorities for school improvement going forward.  

This year’s plan identifies three goal areas: academic goals, post high school success goals, and school climate goals. It includes a results section which outlines what our school will look and feel like if our priorities are met. The results section also outlines the data we will use to hold ourselves accountable as we develop strategies to reach these goals. Throughout the academic year, we track our progress and look for alignment with strategic priorities and alignment with state requirements.


Old Business


Update on Charter Renewal – Need Bylaws Revision – Determine Process
The State Department of Education (SDOE) wants specific language around anti-nepotism and conflict of interest included in the bylaws. The proposed changes will be sent out to the Board by the end of the week and will be sent to the SDOE as draft language, pending Board approval.


New Business


Election of new Board Member
Bob moved to approve Peter Ludwig as a new Board member. Michael seconded. Unanimously approved 

Opportunity for board engagement: Community Programs Policy Review Committee
Rebecca is reviewing policies and practices around access to Community Programs. She is looking into changing the financial aid award system. She has invited Community Program families to participate in this process and would like to invite Board members to join this review process in the near future.

Next Steps in Board Development Purposeful Boards 

  1. Fundraising Task force – On December 2, Board members who participated in the Purposeful Boards Workshop will be meeting with a consultant for 6 hours to determine next steps for training Board members in fundraising.
  2. Build a Great Board Task force – Wendy, Errol, and Monica will be creating a skill assessment for current Board members so that we fully understand the skills we already have at the table and it will help us when searching for additional Board members in the future. 

Observe 9th Family Food Night (6:30)
This is the culmination of the first 9th grade unit of study: Feeding Ourselves. Interdisciplinary work across classes  with the student’s families as the audience. 




Bob moved that the meeting adjourn. Beth seconded. Motion passed unanimously at 6:37pm.


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