Farm Share program thrives

Adam Kelley
Interim Farm Manager

The Farm Share Program concludes Thursday, Oct. 25.

Through our student Farm Share Program, we’re currently serving 15 families who receive 2-3 bags of fresh produce, herbs, and eggs from the Common Ground Urban Farm every week. The share started on October 4th and runs until October 25th – and we hope to extend it beyond that date, weather permitting.  Shares are valued at $20/week but we welcome families to pay whatever works best for them (most pay $5 – $10, or pick up for free). We invite families to submit recipes to the newsletter that is included with each share, and have gotten great feedback on the recipes we’ve included to date!

We also have many students helping us grow, harvest, and prepare the farm for Winter, through Green Jobs Corps, Animal Apprentices Club, volunteering for community service hours, or a farm internship that counts as a class. We will continue to plant cold-hardy crops in our high tunnels through November, thanks to the investments we’ve made in season-extending technology. This allows us to continue providing access to fresh, healthy produce in a sustainable way well into the winter months.

We have also had 2 classes, Mr. Brian Springsteen’s class and Mr. Evan Green’s 9th grade Math class, visit the farm for lessons so far this year. Students have had the chance to observe and ask questions about crops they are researching for their cultural history and production value (and to enjoy hot pepper eating contests!).

For more info, contact Adam Kelley at or our Farm Manager Deborah Greig, deborah.greig@nhep.



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