Seniors CG experience summarized in one sentence

By Henry Chisholm
Development Associate

After four years of hard work, you deserve a group selfie!

The end of your time as a high school student can be overwhelming. After four years of building relationships, studying long hours, and discovering who you are as a person and what kind of person you want to be going forward, you may have a lot to say to sum up the last four years.

But, what if you only had a sentence?

Common Ground seniors took on the challenge of summing up the last four years of their lives at CG in just one sentence. Enjoy!


I stood on the stage in the outdoor classroom where in ten minutes I would be presenting my senior defense, and I remembered standing in the same spot saying my monologue for A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a freshman.”
— Randy Holland

“Change sometimes goes unnoticed.”
 — Elijah Voss

When I think of Common Ground, I think of the home that I’ve made here, from my guidance family hiking and singing together, to sleeping over in the outdoor classroom with my best friends, to feeling safer here than in any place I’ve ever been.”
 — Em Perry

“Something i could never forget.”
— Karissa Bowden

Celebrate the wins and embrace the losses.”
— LaTrel Goldson

“Give others the tools to begin to fix their broken parts so they may one day feel whole.”
 — Shaun Pitts

Those 12 hour days, those classes and then an event in the evening days, when you go home you look back and you’re tired but it was a good day.”
— Hope Dymond


Congrats to the grads! Feel free to come back to Common Ground and good luck moving forward.



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