Common Ground Dance Team wows crowds at Southern

Sierra Vasquez
CG Dance Team member

The Common Ground Dance Team has the moves!

The Common Ground dance team usually practices every Thursday after school and we create and practice the dance we made repeatedly. Our choreographer, Reaunna Bartell, is a very good teacher and she makes up our moves on the spot if she has not heard the song.

We practice the dance every week until we have completely finished it. But the one we really had to perfect was our performance dance. We had a couple of weeks to learn that dance. When it came to choreography,placing, and coordination, we had to keep on fixing our errors.

During practices we had to keep on changing the choreography and where we had to stand because people kept on leaving little by little. It began getting stressful because as we are losing dancers the closer we were getting to our big performance.

“Once we got off stage I heard Tyonna say ¨Can we go again?” with a big smile on her face and I can’t wait to perform again!”

In the beginning weeks of practice I was a little uncomfortable because I was not used to dancing in front of people, but I became more and more confident to go all out and dance! It felt like all the dancers on the team were so good in their own unique way. It inspired me to become better

Elsy,Tyonna, Mattiah and I performed. When she announced the performance I was not sure I was gonna do it, I thought I was going to mess everything up and fall behind. The closer we got to completing our routine, I kept on feeling as if I was not ready to perform and the performance was coming up in a couple of days.

The day of our performance, we stayed in the school longer to get focused and ready. We all wore red and black and our song choice was  Beyonce’s “End of Time Remix.” When I arrived at Southern, I was very nervous, I don’t think I have ever been that nervous. We decided to go backstage and practice to see where we were at with our confidence and coordination.

After practicing, we went back to see the other performances and all of them were so good, which made me even more nervous. Tyonna and I were the ones freaking out the most. We were probably the only ones freaking out at all!

Mattiah arrived so we decided to practice one last time and that’s when I felt like we were ready. We watched most of the dances because we were the second act, then Rihanna came to tell us that we are about to go on.

We made it to backstage and shook off all the jitters and waited to go up. Than our music started and that is when I got nervous all over again, but I was watching Mattiah’s part before we went on and she did so well! Going on, all the nervousness went away and I enjoyed dancing on stage, which was surprising because I hate dancing in front of people and every time I saw one of my teammates with the side of my eye I was so happy because they all were doing so great.

During the dance, I kept messing up because the side of my jacket was falling off but, I still loved being on the stage with the talented girls I was dancing with. Once we got off stage I heard Tyonna say ¨Can we go again?” with a big smile on her face and I can’t wait to perform again!                                                                                                                      


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