Common Ground Board of Directors Minutes- Feb. 2018


Present: Frank Mitchell, Wendy battles, Kerry Lord, Monique Frasier, Babz Rawls-Ivy, Jane Lee, Michael Doolittle, Claudia Merson, Beth Klingher, Melissa Spear

Staff: Kimball Cartwright, Betsy Sneath, Joel Tolman, Liz Cox, Deborah Greig, Rebecca Holcomb, Elena Augusewicz

Regrets: Bob Parker

Wendy called the meeting to order at 5:34

Business Requiring Approval

Board Meeting Minutes 1/8/18
Beth Klingher moved to approve, Monique Seconds

Claudia stated that the January Credit Card bills were approved at the 2/9/18 Finance Committee meeting.

Agilix $5,785.00
Kyle Bradley $541.25
These checks were signed at the 2/9/18 Finance Committee meeting, now bringing to board for approval
Claudia moved to approve, Wendy seconds

Thurston Foods Check $8932.13
Frank moved to approve, Beth seconds

Melissa proposed a 2018 board meeting schedule to be adopted by board and posted publicly
Feb. 26, 2018- March 26, 2018- April 23, 2018- May 21, 2018- June 25, 2018- Sept. 24, 2018- Oct. 22, 2018- Nov. 26, 2018- Dec. 17 2018
Michael moved to approve, Claudia Seconds

Melissa explained that we received a grant to rebuild our compost. The contract resolution was read to the board. Signature required from secretary, Claudia Merson.
Frank moved to approve, Kerry seconds
Approved and Signed

Old Business:

Finance Committee:

Jane explained that Kimball came to discuss a long term plan for fundraising and budget projection, gained a lot more information than the Finance Committee had before. They will work with him going forward to budget for the next few years.

The budget process is underway and each of the department budgets are due friday. We will have first draft of budget in a couple of weeks, we will review the first draft at next meeting

Organizational Challenges

Liz stated that it’s been a bad flu season which has taken a toll on students and staff. We are also working on an issue with reading growth in the 9th grade, Monique will be focusing her time on that. The Teachers Leadership Council is meeting weekly and had a 15 min meeting with Liz last week. They have expressed concern over Professional Development, they want more of a say in it, especially the justice series. This group also wants board representation, they felt that they were not represented during recent edits to the employee handbook. Liz has expressed concern to the group about who was invited into the Teachers Leadership Council. Part time teachers and teachers with administrative duties were not invited to join.

Melissa went to the Board of Education meeting in Hartford to speak about the additional two students seats and then met with the Commissioner of Education about Nature Year. She found out that the BOE voted down all additional seats. We’ve been approached by PCLB who wants to get more funding for charter schools by putting a community advocacy manager in multiple schools. They want to place 7-9 of these people throughout the state. Those 7-9 would make a cohort and work with NESN. Melissa will keep the board posted if anything more comes of this.

Strategic Issues

Wendy stated that Bob and her have been meeting about board development. They would like to have 4-6 new Board Members begin by September. We have posted a recruitment form on the website and in the monthly newsletter but only got one reply so far. There is a google document with some suggestions where you can add notes or additional people. Wendy would like to have it narrowed down by the next board meeting. The board has one week for any further suggestions or additions.

Melissa shared a letter from the New Haven Board of Education stating that the board president, Darnell Goldson, will be the representative on our board going forward. We will send him the Board Meeting schedule.

Michael moved to go into executive session, Frank seconds

New Business

Joel reminded the board that Rock to rock sign ups are still open. He encouraged all members to join the CG team and to compete for the matching funds available!


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