The Construction Specifier: Cross-laminated Timber

The 1300-m2 (14,000-sf) addition to the Common Ground High School (New Haven, Connecticut) is one of the first buildings in the country to employ cross-laminated timber (CLT) as the primary structural material. Gray Organschi Architecture’s use of prefabricated mass timber  not only allowed the building shell to be erected in less than four weeks with a crew of six, but the CLT’s carbon sequestration will make the project carbon-neutral in its first decade.

Vertical CLT panels form bearing and shear walls (including the elevator shaft) while glulam spruce rafters and heavy timber trusses span the large, ground-floor multi-purpose space. A bridge deck feature uses treated laminated souther yellow pine on laminated timber piers to provide access from the upper part of campus. To top it off, black spruce CLT panels from the roof structure and final ceiling  finish.

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