Maxed Potential Leaving Minor Suspensions

Ihsan Abdussabur
CGHS, Class of 2018


It’s not a sudden surprise to me
That reaming of the majority of the minority
Have some type of history story
To tell about their pass
About how they are pulled out of class
And to learn that they are suspended
From an act that was influenced by figures in society
When in reality sorta speak we still didn’t reach this peak
That’s not unique, but people rise from success
How can we if we can’t use our feet?

A sheet…of paper
Determines how smart we are
But from a far were just this poisonous black ink that will sink
Into the white paper which is bad by the way
So they decided to mold us like clay
From the Jim Crow to today
Enough has been said
But still not even enough
Because it’s tough and rough to make it as a young black man
But can it be changed It’s insane that this is an issue
Not so sad or bad to continue to get a tissue
But can we realize this issue

We turn these human beings
Into these percentages And statistics but it’s obvious
We don’t need to know what the jist is
Bitches these dogs in suits are
But they will continue to call the colors
On these humans a number

34.6 % of suspensions
Are because of fighting battery but we don’t see this
They’re trying to get us to think this didn’t matter see
School policy violations takes up 34 too
Aren’t you through with these fight videos
Outside these school buildings with their crew
Because it turns funny seeing these
Black, violent, intimidating, shaking men  fight
Showing off their “A” or their Asses
But were not attempting
To do nothing to get them an “A” in there class

What is the mass?
What is the greatness of this effect?
Because it seem like no one cares
But people will never fix the problem
Over coffee and a pie with their heart
They just continue to look
On how these issues are resembled
On this pie chart

Majority of suspensions are of course minority
They continue to hear this story
But there’s more see
The greed that seems to be
Stinking like old cheese
But the teacher assumes that it’s just weed
They’ve been using
And there constantly choosing
To think this way
Not knowing it’s their rotten heart
That’s beating into the fray
The majority of problems
Are of courses called by the minority
They don’t care about us
History books closed
But there’s always a story to be told
Nothing to fix this it seems
This problem never gets enough attention
Maybe because it’s caused by minor suspensions


“Minor Suspensions” was written in response to data released by the Connecticut State Department of Education in its April 2016 report Suspensions and Expulsions in Connecticut.


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