by Nathaniel Dymond, Class of 2018
Rap & Poetry Club

The love the energy in the movements that I see
But the downside would be they don’t connect to me
I feel pretty awkward with these people screaming upward
About justice and equals and breaking down the walls
I would love to relate but instead find debate
I don’t fight to win, I would rather fight to change
Never does the point get halfway across the bridge, it’s baseless
When I’m shut up, shot down, and told I’m a racist
I would love cooperation and to be one who is involved
Now I have a bunch of opinions they would love to see dissolved

I’m all for equal rights, representation, and opportunities
Can a sis white male agree and be part of a community
That advocates against archaic unfair ways
Finding a place here is harder than a maze
They need all the help they can get
But I’m not allowed in, I bet
While a leader of LGBT says to me in a video
“All white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, all sis-gendered people are transphobic”
Don’t judge a book by its cover
Take a look at the contents
I wouldn’t take only a white girl for my lover
I don’t put down a woman
For being a woman
I know that’s wrong, I happen to like women
And if I’m transphobic, explain the presents in my room
That I bought for my uncle, and his boyfriend
They’re for Christmas, I love them so don’t assume
That’s what you get with miscommunication
Or the lack of it at all, which I see more and more
Between the rallies and the riots, they all want something different
If we could all just come together
We wouldn’t seem so insignificant


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