Denali Blog: The Importance of Field Trips

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I guess I should start off by saying I was an elementary school teacher for four years. We did not go on nearly enough field trips which was a shame. The hands on learning that can take place on a field trip is second to none. The students get to see things in the real world, not sitting behind a desk. Even though I am no longer a teacher I have been able to go along on two field trips this year. Understanding the importance of field trips, especially outdoor educational ones, The Denali Foundation helped to fund a field trip program for New Haven Public School students to attend Common Ground’s Urban Farm and Educational Center. I grew up exploring the woods, but for some of these students it’s their first time being out in an environment like this.

My first field trip was this spring with 2nd grade students. This time around I got to tag along with a wonderful kindergarten class. The students walked to Common Ground on a chilly morning decked out in their winter jackets. Their first stop was meeting, and petting, Stewart the goat. While Stewart was basking in the attention of the students I had a visit with a sheep.After the brief visit with the animals everyone gathered in a circle to hear what the plan was for the morning.

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