Yale Daily News: New Haven tests bioswale system

Excerpts from this article:

A bioswale is a system used to remove silt and pollution from runoff water and takes the appearance of a small well.

New Haven’s plan to install hundreds of bioswales will meet two goals,” Harp said. “Bioswales reduce the overall amount of stormwater runoff and also filter the water, so that which drains into local streams and rivers — and the Long Island Sound — is cleaner. – Mayor Toni Harp

The West Park Avenue research project is a joint effort run by the URI, Common Ground High School, Emerge Connecticut and the city’s Engineering Department. Those working on the project include Common Ground High School students — who will assist with research and plant flowers around the bioswales — as well as participants of Emerge, a New Haven-based transitional work program.

I think that this is a great learning opportunity for the men from Emerge, students, researchers and Common Ground …..It’s a chance for us to all partner together and learn something. – Colleen Murphy-Dunning, director of the URI

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