New Haven Register: Liz Cox: Connecticut lawmakers must heed voices calling for quality educational opportunities

LizCoxLast week, nearly four dozen students, parents, teachers, and community members came to the podium at Wilbur Cross High School — part of a public hearing on the renewal of Common Ground’s charter to operate as a public high school. Every single speaker raised their voice in support of Common Ground, asking the state Department of Education to support our small, community-based public charter school.

What these members of the New Haven community shared made me proud to be part of the staff at Common Ground. A parent described how Common Ground had changed her daughter’s life — replacing racial discrimination and bullying with a safe and supportive school environment, and providing her with opportunities to take on really challenging work while also pursuing her passions….[button url=””]Read more in the New Haven Register»[/button]


[button url=””]Read our blog post about the hearing»[/button]


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