Common Ground Board Meeting Meeting November 24, 2014 Minutes

Present: Monique Frasier, Wendy Battles, Frank Mitchell, Ben Gardner, Kim Futrell, Mike Doolittle, Bob Parker, Liz Cox, Betsy Sneath, Kimball Cartwright, Melissa Spear, Joel Tolman

Regrets: Jane Lee, Claudia Merson, John Jessen

Welcome and minutes:  Wendy moved to accept the minutes and Bob’s was the second voice.  Minutes amended to show that Jane and Wendy were present at the meeting.  The board then approved the minutes.

Business Requiring Approval:

1. Melissa distributed the 990 for review and approval by the board.

2. RISC Foundation loan of $1,750,000 requires a resolution and a signature from secretary.

3. Reaffirm the beginning of construction.

Melissa described the bid process and the income streams that will make completing the building possible. NH delegation plans to help. RISC Foundation funds come with an option to forgive some part of the debt once the repayment phase begins.

A remaining question is if we begin construction in March, how does that impact the construction grant for the current building which needs to happen during the summer.

Bob moved the resolution authorizing Melissa to contract with RISC for the loan. Mike’s voice was the second. And the body approved.

Ben made the motion to accept the 990 and Mike was the second.  The board voted to accept the 990.  Kim moved to authorize the secretary’s affirmation of the RISC loan. Bob’s voice was the second and the board voted to approve.

Financial: Melissa distributed the actuals on the current budget.  There is slight but not much wiggle room.  As usual the numbers for wages and special education are high for expected reasons.

School: Liz updated on the diversity effort.  The first full day session was scheduled for Veterans Day with the consultant and the committee. Their next meeting is December 10.  The teacher evaluation work was ending and 5 teachers are going through the full observation process. Liz announced the Dec 3 rally on the green.  And the renewal application has been submitted.

Renewal: February 10 is now the renewal visit and the board conversation is 1:15. The renewal hearing is March 11 from 6-8 at Wilbur Cross.

Program: Seasonal change meant lots of transition (end of one program cycle…) and 44 chickens had been processed earlier in the day.

Vision & Values: Joel distributed an updated list with info from the board/staff conversation last week and reviewed the process so far.  Our next round should lead to board review and approval in the next couple months.

Campaign: Kimball distributed a report that marks the end of the campaign.  Common Ground will be sending a gratitude report to celebrate reaching the goal.

Audit: Mike moved to accept formally the actions of the special board meeting to approve the audit.  Bob’s voice was the second.  The body approved the motion.

Meeting adjourned with a toast to celebrate campaign completion.


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