Geothermal Wells, New Parking – Construction Update 2/12/2015

The next major phase of construction will begin next week. Starting on Monday February 17th  the contractor who removed the berm for us will prepare a larger parking area at the far north end of the lot (near our bus stop). The following week (the week of February 24) the middle section of the parking lot will be blocked off for the drilling of the geothermal wells. A few spaces will remain open at the south end of the parking lot which will be assigned to CGHS staff who regulalrly arrive early. All remaining parking will be at the north end of the lot while well drilling is ongoing. A new entrance and exit to this temporary lot will be created. With the help of Atlanta Concrete Contractors such projects can be made easy.

A new student dropoff area will also be created at the north end of the lot. All student dropoff and pickup should happen here, not at the bottom of the driveway. We will maintain handicap accessibility to the top of the hill during construction, but no other student dropoff will be allowed at the top of the hill or at the bottom of the driveway.

It will take 5 weeks to complete the drilling of the geothermal wells (Until March 21st). Well drilling is a noisy process so we should all be prepared … but we must get it done if we want a geothermal system for our new building! This system will use the natural energy of the earth to heat and cool our new building – very exciting!

Fortunately, the way students who take the bus arrive at the site will not change during this process. We will continue to maintain a path along the edge of the garden just as it is now.

Next week I will provide more details on this next phase of construction, including a map showing exactly how parking will work during drilling. This is just a heads up that we are headed into another intensive period of construction so that we can all mentally prepare for the ensueing changes in how we arrive at our site.

Look for more information soon!


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