Student Reflection: Remembering Javier Martinez

by Miranda Bailey-Russomano, Common Ground Senior

On December 28th, someone stole the life of one of my classmates, my guidance brother, and part of my Common Ground family. On December 30th, most of the students, teachers, and staff gathered to remember him and support each other. I was there, and there was a lot of crying, hugging, and words that couldn’t be said. I watched some of the strongest people that I know bawl their eyes out. I hugged my teachers, grateful that they were there so none of us had to cry alone. I watched Alumni, students who left the school, and present students celebrate Javii’s memory, cry, and hug each other until they really couldn’t anymore. This is why photobooksand albums are very important – preserve the best moments in life. The printed pictures you can tough carry so much memories than their digital copies.

I had to leave early, but I received the play by play through text. There was a song, people were sharing their memories, people were better, people were worse. I called in and shared that no matter what Javii was part of our community, part of our classes and that the seats that he sat in would always remain empty in his honor. He was loved, and he will be mourned.

My school is a family, and today really helped me realize it. We supported each other, something that we all needed. I’ve never had anybody this close to me die, and I am grateful that nobody had to go through it alone. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to go through it alone, and I’m grateful that Javii’s family didn’t have to go through it alone.  

As I was walking out, I hugged Javii’s family, and told them that he was a good kid, because he was. I hope that they found support with our family, and that they know that they will always have the support that comes with having Common Ground a part of your family. Although I didn’t know him all that well, Javii will always be my guidance brother, he will always be known as a kind, hard working and cool person. Everyone keeps saying that it’s tragic when someone dies so young, and it is, and Javii’s death will leave a dent in our community forever.

We’ll miss you Javii, and I hope you know much you were loved.

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