Construction Update 12-12: The Berm is Gone!

If you drive by Common Ground’s site this month, you will notice that the berm that separated Common Ground from Springside Avenue and the City of New Haven is nearly gone! This big change to campus makes room for construction of our new school building, opens our campus up to our community, allows for the creation of new wildlife plantings and better stormwater management, and creates a new entrance and better parking. Learn more about what’s coming next.

Now, earthwork has moved up into the area of the drainage ditch next to the Harvest Pavilion. There, we are installing stormwater pipe and doing the prep work for a new educational wetland and other low-impact design features. This work will continue through mid-December.

The next stage of work may require us to adjust the path that students use to travel to and from the bus stop. We will provide additional updates as this work progresses!



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