Construction Update 11-10: Earth Work Begins

Construction will ramp up once again starting this Monday, November 11th, as LaRosa Earthworks begins to remove the berm and install our stormwater management systems. This work will more make it possible to more fully open our campus to the community, safely and efficiencly welcome visitors, and model low-impact design practices.

Parking and student access should not be impacted for at least the first two weeks of this work. On Monday LaRosa will install all of the appropriate erosion controls and safety fence. New safety fence will be installed between the current student walkway and the parking lot to more clearly define this path. Students will continue to use this pathway along the garden fence for as long as possible.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, our site supervisor will create a more permanent walkway that will run behind the garden and up the hill to the school.  This path will be an alternate student route when needed, but for the time being it will not be used.

Later in the week, trucks will begin hauling away the berm that separates Common Ground’s campus from Springside Avenue. An excavator will be located on the outside of the berm to load the trucks. The berm will be removed from the north to the south.  Trucks will enter the loading area at the bus stop and get back onto Springside at a new curbcut that will be created about halfway down the berm. No trucks will enter at the bus stop before 9 am or between approximetely 2:30 and 3:30 to make sure there is no conflict with student arrival and departure. All excavation and loading will take place on the Springside Avenue side of the berm so parking should not be disrupted.

Earthwork should be completed by December 20th…and then it is on to the next big thing! Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns as we enter this next stage of construction.


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