Common Ground Board Meeting – November 2013 – Minutes

Present: Wendy Battles, Frank Mitchell, Kimball Cartwright, Betsy Sneath, Joel Tolman, Monique Frasier, Liz Cox, Miranda Bailey

Regrets: Doolittle, Futrell, Parker

With the small group assembled there were no official minutes or business for this gathering but rather some brief reporting with decisions on processing payments and construction details deferred for executive committee review after the Thanksgiving break.

The group assembled discussed possible alternate dates for the December meeting which is also scheduled close to the holiday break. There was some discussion of how to proceed with the state anti-discrimination policy that includes the Boy Scouts of America as a protected class. The conundrum leads nicely into Common Ground’s diversity conversations, consultants who might be assisting, and the role the board would play. This is a conversation already scheduled for the December meeting.

The group adjourned by 6:15.


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