Construction Update Mon, Oct 14: We Have Begun!

It has been a very eventful weekend at Common Ground. Expect to see a site transformed when you arrive on Tuesday! Here are some important updates for visitors:

Students Arriving By Bus: A new pathway has been created from the bus stop, along the garden fence, to the school driveway. The entire path is marked with caution tape and fencing. Students arriving by bus must use this new walkway.

Students And Program Participants Being Dropped Off By Car: Students can be dropped off as normal in the parking lot at the base of the hill. Please be very cautious when dropping off, as the landmarks you rely on are no longer present!

Staff, Program Participants, And Visitors Arriving By Car: All staff and visitors should enter and park as usual. Bcause we have created a new student walkway along the garden fence, parking will not be available there. Please drive with extreme caution in the lot, as the landmarks that usually define the edges of the lot have changed, to avoid hitting rocks or other obstacles.

Groundbreaking Ceremony: Tomorrow at 9:30, we will be celebrating the launch of construction with Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, State Representative Toni Walker, the donors who are helping make this project possible, students, staff, and community members. All are welcome to join us. Click here for details.

Wednesday Plans: There will be no major construction activity for Tuesday, October 15th. However, stump removal and earthwork will continue on Wednesday, October 16th. We anticipate that the parking lot status and student path described above will continue through Wednesday. We will send out updates if this changes.

Please call the main office if you have any questions at 203.389.4333. Your safety, and the quality of the learning environment we create for our students and community, are our first priority.


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