The Honda Pilot is our new best friend!!!!!

This Spring, a crew of Common Ground students is fueling New Haven’s growing school gardens movement: building raised beds, working alongside elementary students and teachers to get gardens planted, and more. Here’s the latest dispatch from this new effort.  

Today on our adventures as the School Garden Resource Crew, we drove like mad men and women up and down Dixwell Avenue, looking for a piece for our trailer, which we’ll be using to haul beds, compost, and all the other supplies we need to grow school gardens. We got our saw fully built and secured on its stand, and we also re-floored the trailer and fixed the hitch/latch issue. All in all we got a lot done today- not all that we wanted but more than enough to leave us with the feelings of accomplishment and pride. Today we all showed pride, ownership, wonder, effort and respect.

Check out the pictures of the crew: Marcel Aguirre, Jesus Reyes, Brittany Williams (not pictured, Anthony Duff).

-Jesus (designer/media guy)

jesus IMG_20130330_121232 IMG_20130330_115419


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