New Haven Independent: These Trees Can Handle a Flood

By: Allan Appel

After Superstorm Sandy’s winds and brackish surge felled ten trees in Quinnipiac River Park, new arrivals have taken their place and should fare better in the next flood.

Thanks go to humans, in particular to Common Ground High School students who spent a half day of their day of service on Wednesday planting hardier replacement varieties.

Physics and chemistry teacher Michael Horbachuk brought freshman Lincoln Garritt Wilson, Jr. and 18 other guidance students to the park on Front Street along the banks of the Quinnipiac in Fair haven early Wednesday morning.

Under the supervision of Urban Resources Initiative‘s Chris Ozyck, they replaced the trees, mostly pears, that had been uprooted or damaged beyond salvage. In their place went two pin oaks, one red oak, and two American lindens.

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