Creating Community: Executive Director Reflections

This has been an incredibly busy month for all of us here at Common Ground, and I am hoping I can use that as an excuse for not writing a proper Reflection. I did in fact sit down and start to write something about working with several Common Ground students and alumni to paint three of our classrooms. Yet, as mundane as that subject sounds, it led quickly into some deeper, more serious reflection on diversity and bridging communication gaps on which I need to spend more time.

Coming to Common Ground has made it clear that creating a truly inclusive community is hard work. This is work to which I am profoundly committed and into which Common Ground is diving head first – not without some anxiety, I might add. And while you might not think that painting three classrooms would lead to some deep reflection on diversity and inclusiveness – well if you are willing to wait and read next month’s reflection maybe the relationship will become more clear.

Until then, I am just going to have to apologize for needing more time to get it right … and get back to overseeing the painting, along with the million other projects we have going on here right now: installing a teaching kitchen, setting up for Rock to Rock, running a vacation camp for 80 kids each day, raising seedlings for our May 19th seedling sale and spring celebration, monitoring the situation in Hartford with regard to education reform and charter school funding, preparing next year’s budget, planning to launch a mobile market and school garden resource center, raising money to keep it all going … the list goes on.

BUT! It is a beautiful day outside, and our site is looking awesome. Every time I walk out the door I feel a calm sense of joy at what I see. My hope is that others have that same experience when they are here. Please come visit! After all, everything we do here we do for you.

Rock on Common Ground!


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