New Haven Register: Eco-Friendly Meals Join School Lunches

By: Alexander Sanders

NEW HAVEN — One of the last things Common Ground School wants is to keep serving lunch on paper plates.

The charter school and environmental learning center may soon be able to end that practice, as New Haven Ecology Project Inc. will receive a $100,000 grant for renovations and equipment for a community kitchen at the school.

“We are able to serve lunch for the 150 students, but it is not at the capacity we need it to be,” said Joel Tolman, director of development and community engagement at Common Ground. “We currently serve off of paper plates, and for an evironmentally focused school, that’s ironic.”

A larger dish-washing capacity will be part of the upgrade and will allow the kitchen to opt for a more environmentally sound alternative.

The upgraded kitchen also will allow students to work with food produced at the school using new equipment, such as a new char-broiler to roast vegetables for canning and a tilting skillet for sauteing.

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