Two years ago, Common Ground launched a master planning process for our 20-acre site. Students, staff, board, and community helped us chart a course forward — and set clear goals for impact:

Grow Our Student Body

… from 165 to 225, offering more students opportunities for dramatic educational progress and real leadership development.

Expand Our Community

… from 8,000 to 12,000 participants per year, cultivating habits of healthy living & sustainable environmental practice.

Double Farm Production

… and use this harvest to create a healthy, food secure, economically vibrant community.

Build and Share A True Model

… of urban sustainability and education that works.

To reach these goals, Common Ground is setting out to make significant and lasting investments in our 20-acre site — recognizing that this place is a unique community resource and the root of all our work.  Over the next two years, we will put our master plan into action:

Plans For Growth
Room to Grow
Learners & leaders
In the coming year, we will launch construction on a new school building, featuring two model science labs, a dedicated art studio, and a multi-purpose community gathering and performance space. We will also make renovations to our existing school building, creating the learning environment our students deserve.
Plans For Growth
Site Improvements
To welcome community
Improvements to our entrance, additional wayfinding and interpretive signage, and enhancements to our gardens will allow us to welcome thousands more community members into our program and double the impact of our urban farm.
Plans For Growth
Modeling Sustainability
For community & schools
Our students and community experts have helped us put the highest-impact plans in place: from low impact stormwater management practices, to geothermal and solar power generation, to practices that will produce one of the most energy efficient school buildings in the nation.