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The NatureYear Program Handbook includes lots of program details, including a required gear list, tuition payment schedule, and annual calendar.

NatureYear Enrollment

Application process: Apply online during the application period of March 1, 2017 – May 15, 2017. In-person or phone application also available if needed. Financial aid applications can be completed anytime during the enrollment period. If more applications are received than the total number of program spaces then order of application is one of the variables that is considered – early application is recommended!

Families and children may attend open houses during this time, either before or after completing the online application. The $75 deposit at the time of application goes towards annual tuition if enrolled in program. It is refunded if a space in the program is not offered. The deposit is non-refundable if a space is in the program is offered but not accepted.

You will indicate any and all days of the week that could work for your family when you apply. Having several schedule options for each child helps us offer seats in a way that balances age, gender, and ethnicity among enrolled children on each day.

If your child will be enrolled in public or private school, you will also need to obtain permission from your child’s school to have your child miss school one day per week and attend NatureYear instead. Please email for more information on seeking permission from your child’s school.

Families will be notified by May 17, 2017 as to whether we can offer your child a seat or whether your child is on a waiting list. Families have until May 31 to accept or decline the space (this is also the time to confirm school permission if not already done).

How we determine acceptance into the program:

We seek balance in age, gender, and ethnicity among children enrolled for each program day. Financial aid status is considered independently of offering a program spot. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come basis until funds are exhausted.

Selection criteria (in the order it is applied):

  1.      currently enrolled children and their siblings
  2.      balance on each day as described above
  3.      order of application
  4.      only one child per classroom from the same school on the same day (or, as discussed with school and parent – exceptions may be possible)

Limited financial aid is available to qualified applicants from any town. Apply online HERE or – download an application HERE.

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Questions? Contact Rebecca Holcombe, Program Director
203-389-4333 x 1213
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