Learning and Leadership

By Jesse Delia
Environmental Leadership Manager

Presentations of Learning and Leadership (PLL) happen at the end of each semester and are an opportunity for students (and staff!) to share what they’ve learned with our community. Most sessions are student-led and focus on end of semester presentations and projects from classes, after school programs, and our Green Jobs Corps employment program.

More and more, students are taking the initiative to lead PLL’s of their own making that give them an opportunity to highlight and teach peers about issues or skills that they care about. Staff also have a chance to share skills or gather input from students on school issues that require student guidance (such as next year’s schedule change). This year we even had young program participants from our NatureYear program lead a tour into the outdoor classroom. PLL’s are an amazing opportunity for us to learn together and from each other, flipping the script on who gets to be the student and who gets to be the teacher!

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