Z Bell 2018-09-04T10:12:00-04:00

Z Bell (gender pronouns : they/them/their(s)) believes in the power of organizing, political education, poetry and spirit as the roots of growing self-love, community-care and liberation. They graduated from Barnard College in 2015 and currently work at Common Ground High School, Urban Farm and Environmental Education Center as a Youth Organizer and Educator. Z is passionate about transformative justice and building true leadership within deep community relationships – they are committed to strategizing towards a freedom-future based in love and justice. Z is a poet, acoustic singer-songwriter, zine-maker and hip-hop lover. You might be surprised that Z loves fishing and rugby. You might not be surprised that Z spends a lot of time with Grandma (and Mom, when at the altar). Unapologetically Black, fat, (gender)queer, depressed and still here, you’ll most likely catch them wearing big headphones at the local park, sipping iced ginger tea and writing upside-down in their journal.