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Schoolyards Program: Design, installation, and maintenance

Site consultation

We’ll check out your space and give you some ideas. If you don’t have an outdoor learning space, we can suggest ways to use your schoolyard. If you already have an outdoor learning space, we can offer a planting or maintenance plan or suggestions for improvement.

Outdoor learning space design

What would you like to see in your outdoor learning space? Our designs may include vegetable and flower gardens, pollinator gardens, wildlife habitats, maker spaces, mud kitchens, and other outdoor play and learning spaces. Includes site visit to assess space and discuss needs and a follow-up meeting to share design.

Outdoor learning space build and installation 

Do you have a great design but need help building your outdoor learning space? Our skilled gardeners, carpenters, handypersons, and high schoolers can install your design and even procure materials. 

Outdoor space maintenance

Garden looking weedy? We can help maintain your garden and learning space, once or regularly throughout the year.

Hexagonal garden beds

Big enough to gather a group around, yet small enough to reach the middle, these hexagonal garden beds are particularly well-suited to school garden spaces. We offer them made out of natural wood as a kit (you assemble) or assembled (requires a truck or large SUV to transport). In either case, once you’ve placed your order, we’ll let you know when to pick it up at Common Ground! Soil not included.


Need funding to help develop or maintain your outdoor habitat? Thanks to our partners at Audubon and US Fish and Wildlife, we offer mini-grants to support purchases of native plants and learning materials.

Contact us to learn more about any of these programs!