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At Common Ground Emily Ent serves as a Public Ally where she works as a support educator for 10th graders. She has been at Common Ground for a little less than a year. Her role has evolved quite a bit since coming here in September. In addition to being a 10th grade support educator she has been creating and facilitating health education programs and doing a bioethics club after school. 

Outside of CG, you can find Emily either playing rugby or going on a run somewhere. 

Emily’s journey coming to Common Ground was coming into Public Allies Connecticut and choosing Common Ground as Her placement site to call home for her 10 month fellowship. 

According to Emily,  “What motivates me to continue to come to work everyday, is the wonderful students here! I love working with CG students inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it is working on academic work, or going out on a hike, any time I get to spend with students is always the best part of my day.”