Deloris Vaughn 2020-04-24T14:41:10-04:00

Deloris Vaughn, Ph.D., serves as a senior director at Everyday Democracy of the Paul J. Aicher Foundation, a private operating foundation, based in Hartford, CT. She has worked with Everyday Democracy for over six years and leads the evaluation and learning team that is responsible for developing and managing evaluations for assessing the organization’s performance, outcomes and impact. She also designs and implements research for organizational learning and evidence building. In her role, Deloris serves on the leadership team and works closely with the executive team to map the organization’s strategic direction.

Over her nearly 20 years working as an evaluator, she has broadened both her perspective and practice to include using an ‘equity lens’ in evaluation. To this end, Deloris strives to balance the design and implementation of evaluations with the cultural norms and beliefs about evaluation of people living in racialized and marginalized communities. Some evaluations Deloris has conducted have been in the areas of racial disparities in education, racial equity, community engagement, mental health and systems change.