Bev Greene 2020-11-09T12:34:02-05:00

Bev Greene is the Director of School Operations, and is responsible for all non-instructional aspects of the day to day school operations. 

Bev Greene joined the Common Ground community in August of 2020, and didn’t realize how much she needed CG until she found it. She has always wanted to work for an organization that was socially and environmentally aware and actually taking steps to better the world and its inhabitants. She loves working in the outdoors, and being able to walk the paths, check on the animals, and visit the farm all in the same day. 

Before coming to Common Ground, she was the Director of School Operations in a school in New York City. 

She is enjoying learning about New Haven, and the foliage in Connecticut. She’s also teaching herself how to knit and looks forward to sporting a hat or scarf made by her this winter.