Javi Remembered

By Bri Fernandez CGHS Senior Everyone googles their name sometimes. Whether it be to see what social media pops up, or to

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Seasonal Recipe: Kale Soup

Soups on! Warm up with a bowl of soup made with hearty ingredients that are still available at local farmer's markets! Ingredients

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Seasonal Recipe: Apple Chips

Autumn is all around—in the rich hues of the changing leaves, in the crisp morning air, and it should be in your

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Seasonal Recipe: Ratatouille

This is a fantastic way to use all those wonderful farm stand treasures in one amazing dish. And Pixar's loveable little chef

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Bring Your Group to Common Ground!

By Jesse Delia, Community Programs and Outreach Manager The truth is, if we had it our way, we'd make it so that everyone

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