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“To grow your own food gives you power and dignity. You know exactly what you’re eating because you grew it. It’s good, it’s nourishing and you did this for yourself, your family and your community.” – Karen Washington, Urban Food System Leader, Bronx NYC

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Common Ground seeks Development Associate, Events and Communications

Organization Overview Common Ground is a center for environmental learning and leadership in New Haven, Connecticut where a diverse community of children, young people, and adults cultivate habits of healthy living and sustainable environmental practice. 

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To: Residents of CT From: Aziz Muhammad, a Student of Common Ground High School A question that was posed to me and fellow members of a farm crew I worked on followed as, "What is

Seasonal Recipe: Spiced Lentil Soup with Delicata Squash

Soups are my absolute favorite way to use vegetables during this time of year. They freeze well and offer a healthy, easy and warm meal on an October night. Don't be intimidated by the list