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Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Errol C. Saunders, II is a doctoral student in the
department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a Ron
Brown Scholar and holds a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University where he studied the
relationships between cities and suburbs with regard to equity, economics, and the environment.
His current research interests include public memory, public pedagogies of race, and how going
to school across geographic boundaries – neighborhood, city, and regional – affects students’
educational experiences, senses of belonging, and educational outcomes.

Prior to coming to Teachers College, he wore many hats as a faculty member at Hopkins
School in New Haven, CT for ten years. Errol taught ancient history to seventh and eighth
graders, a curriculum he was instrumental in developing. He also taught a New Haven history
elective for eleventh and twelfth graders where he developed a thematic curriculum stressing
local field trips, primary sources, and the effects of New Haveners’ historical problem solving.
At Hopkins, Errol also served on the financial aid and admissions committees, was a student
adviser in the Junior School, and served as the Head Adviser of the Class of 2021. Additionally,
Errol served as an administrator and instructional coach for Pathfinder Hopkins School, an
educational non-profit hosted by the school, which specialized in preparing students from New
Haven public and parochial schools for high school success.

In addition to his educational interests, Errol firmly believes that wholesale engagement
in civil society can strengthen communities by building community capacity. He first became
involved in New Haven as an undergraduate when he tutored and taught middle schoolers at
Summerbridge New Haven (now Pathfinder Hopkins School), work he continued as a Yale
President’s Public Service Fellow. Also during his years at Yale, he did work for Regional
Growth Partnership as a research assistant and canvassed in the Hill neighborhood for the
Community Foundation of Greater New Haven’s Deliberation Day.

Today, he serves on the boards of the New Haven Land Trust, the Urban Resources Initiative, and New Haven Festivals,
Inc. He was also member of the board of directors of the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation for many years. Errol regularly participates in the city’s annual Rock to Rock Earth Day bicycle ride, a fundraiser for New Haven’s environmental non-profits and often moonlights as a bicycle tour guide for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.