Cell Biology & Society

By Kevin Sinusas Science Teacher At the end of the fall semester, students investigated a series of historical and current social

Guidance: The Heart of CGHS

How does a group of young people and a teacher who can’t stand one another  find a way to build trust, come

Classes I Wish I took

By Kate Cebik Development Associate There are days when it is hard to get out of bed. And it's not just the

After-School Programs On the Line

by Ashton Killilea, Student Affairs Manager This month, the Connecticut General Assembly considers Governor Malloy’s proposal for a new state budget. One

Learning and Leadership

Presentations of Learning and Leadership (PLL) happen at the end of each semester and are an opportunity for students (and staff!) to

On Being Famous

by Jesse Delia Environmental Leadership Manager POWER Assembly at Common Ground, Jan 18, 2017 So today we’re going to talk about being