NatureYear Handbook and Registration

NatureYear Handbook and Registration 2021-01-06T16:58:31-05:00

In addition to the information on the website, please see the FAQ HERE for details on COVID modifications for 2020 – 2021


The NatureYear Program Handbook includes lots of program details (last updated for the 2019 – 2020 program year).

NatureYear Enrollment

The program is full for 2020 – 2021, but you may enter a waiting list registration HERE. There is no cost or obligation to being on the waiting list.

Looking for information for next school year (fall 2021)? Please complete the inquiry form HERE in order to receive email notification when we have program information and an application available for fall 2021 (this is the same form as the waiting list form, above. You only need to complete it once). The application and enrollment period typically takes place in March – May, but may be delayed this year.

Financial aid applications can be completed anytime during the enrollment period. The financial aid form is HERE.

When you apply, you will indicate any and all days of the week that could work for your family.

If your child will be enrolled in public or private school, you will also need to speak with your child’s school about your child missing school one day per week to attend NatureYear instead. You should do this after a program spot is offered – you do not need to contact your child’s school before you know if we will have an available program spot. Please email for more information on speaking to your child’s school.

How we determine acceptance into the program:

We seek balance in age, gender, and race among children enrolled for each program day. Financial aid status is considered independently of offering a program spot – applying for financial aid has no impact on your child’s eligibility. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come basis until funds are exhausted.

Selection criteria (in the order it is applied):

  1.      currently enrolled children and their siblings
  2.      balance on each day as described above
  3.      order of application